Jul 20, 2010
I am a marine who has been in the airwing for 5yrs. And 3mos. And I've been training to prepare for A&S in january. I was wondering if there's any that can let me know what to expect when it comes to swimming at A&S, also how should I prepare for the swim portion?
Welcome aboard Marine.

Semper Fidelis.

I have to ask... Why did you title your intro thread "pog"?
D'oh. I should have figured that.

I got focused on AAFES pogs and couldn't figure out why he named his thread after them. :confused:

The reason I'm guessing "pogues" is that I remember a rant someone was on, maybe on another site, about how he hated "pogs" and how they were ruining the FOB... death to pogs... at first I thought he meant AAFES pogs and was like :uhh: dude I hate AAFES too sometimes but wtf... figured out through context he meant pogues.
That's why you make the big bucks; making those inferences and catching those connections... :D
xSF tells me I make the big bucks by taking credit for the work the NCOs do- apparently I'm pretty good at it :)