Props to P.J. training...


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Jul 30, 2008
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As the P.J.'s may know, Philly Fire Rescue hosts P.J. students on their paramedic diadatic / internships. I had the pleasure of running into one of these interns the other day while providing mutual aid on the interstate while I was working the county EMS. I have to say, very professional, knowledgeable and motivated. Just wanted to give props to you guys. I was able to meet this particular intern @ the shock trauma unit and was very impressed. Hope that does not sound hokey to you guys.....

Nope, it doesn't sound hokey at all. I was in the class of the first team we sent to Philly (what's up 37s!), and I would be pissed if I heard anything less than a good review. Next time you see one of those cones tell them to do 6 gajillion pushups for me.
Thanks for the praise. It's good to hear that that guy is holding himself well. Just do us a favor and if you see dudes with attitudes, go ahead and name drop them my way. Half the Kirtland schoolhouse are close friends of mine and I'll start the snowball;)
sidenote: sounds like a good place to do the Paramedic internship...probably better than New Mexico. I'm sure you're doing a lot of good work out there.
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