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Nov 3, 2006
Here and there
For those here who have been following this journey of mine for the past 3 years, I finished Language today and leave for Robin Sage Sunday morning. Another 5 weeks and I get to begin the real learning process.

Congrats, Bro. It seems like ages ago when we talked about you enlisting.

Again, my congratulations. Good luck.
You mean the SFQC right... ;)

No. Polish isnt offered during training and the last German class is in session now...

Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Tagalog, and Indonesian are the languages offered. (I am probably forgetting one in there somewhere)

Best wishes with Robin Sage, Crip. Glad to hear you are still going down the long path towards your goals...Keep us up to date on your progress whenever you get the chance...
Oui. Je Parle francais... Et vous parlez-vous francais?

3 o'clock last time I looked.


Congratulations mate, very well done indeed!

Do you get to choose the language or is it dependent on which group needs the manpower and you are assigned a language according to geographic region of that group's region of responsibility?

ex SF med said when it came to language he took 'faggot', he's really fluent too! :D
...ex SF med said when it came to language he took 'faggot', he's really fluent too! :D

He said he spoke faggot? He has to have something to help him with the ladies; after all I heard he resembles a troll.

I speak southern; I am just so sexy I fooled the tester... ;)