"The Typical Special Operator"

That guy's not an operator, his sleeves aren't cuffed, his pants are bloused, every buckle/zipper/button is appropriately fashioned, he's got his headgear on but no facial hair, nothing's dirty/torn/used, there is no gratuitous glint tape or "local-manufacture" highspeed patches, I see no bloodtype displayed, the hand not on his weapon is not shoved deeply into a pocket, and he doesn't have a practiced look of disdain on his face. Oh, and there is no big-ass knife to be seen. Clearly, this guy is an enabler, not an operator ;)
...finds any and all situations dealing with poo extremely hillarious, able to eat anything, able to drink anything, can find or make alcohol from anything, able to repair any/all equipment or at least able to blow it up beyond repair, able to BS their way out of any situation or find a way to blame a support guy, and finally, extremely loyal until you fall into poo and then #1 applies. Oh and never forgets "Remember back in '09 when X did..."
I love that "general purpose" is the new "conventional."

I'm surprised there isn't a bullet on physical size...but like a Barbie we wouldn't want to give anyone a body issue complex.

I would add, "Can't find his Class A uniform."
Don't forget, "Possesses at least one 'man skill', like electrician, carpenter, brewer, farrier, blacksmith, mechanic, etc..."