Your 2024 relieved Naval Commander Thread

Appears the investigation is in to his use of a dating app? WTF, he's single. There must be something more sinister here to suspend him from his command. It would be a shock to me if he's done anything to knowingly ruin his career.

Army Suspends Ranger Training Battalion Commander as It Investigates Use of Online Dating App |

The fact that his lawyer is very careful to say it's "not with subordinates" makes me think he may have got caught up dating enlisted/junior personnel in another unit.

I vaguely remember that being allowed/not enforced when I first got in, but I know the policy changed a few years back to be more specific.
Hey man, the S-1 chick who replaced me in my old unit was married to my wingman. And she cheated on him with a married NCO in the same unit with the SCO's full knowledge. This woman is now a Major.