Air Commando Association


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Aug 18, 2007
San Antonio Texas
ACA just started publishing a professional journal. Might be a good reason to join the Association. I am very impressed with the current President; he seems to be serious about moving the association out of the Viet Nam era.
Mine arrived yesterday and I must say that I'm impressed, and yes, Secord is doing a great job. Last weeks reunion was full of AD types.
Got my copy last week. Big change in the journal; following the SFA lead? Glad to see the upgrade.

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I hope so, as the organization needs to move past SE Asia if it is going to survive.

So very true. Not all, but there are Hall of Fame inductees this year with current war experience. Highlighting the Leadership awards as they have is another plus. There is a shift towards today's topics such as, the MC-130J, and the Desert Storm kickoff, that holds promise as well. Next is to push for active duty member recruitment. Things are looking up, at least from my little cave here in the Blue Ridge.

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