Been working on a Combat Uniform...

The tape buttons are sexual. Good call on going to acetal, it out performs metal in nearly everything apart from direct pull and I sure as hell hope noone is dumb enough to tie on to their pants and try and rappel.
This is the Pre-Pro pricing based on sewing at least 5 pieces (5 shirts, 5 pants). Available now, special order, 3 week turnaround. My sewing contractor needs to set up for at least 5 because of the time involved in cutting and sewing these. These will have the gusset in the crotch and armpits upgrade. Let's get 5 commitments and then I'll take the orders.
I just need one more commitment to make the minimum 5. Looks like I might be able to get this first batch done and shipped pretty quick. If I don't get another commitment by the end of the week, I'll just include the OD set so I can get rolling.