Gaming thread

It does take a little more time to get some things configured -- it's not all plug and play -- but it's worth it. Some of the old titles are really fun and the emulators are pretty good.
So, who wants to get into sim racing? Think I'm going to pull the trigger. I better die young because I will not be ready for retirement age.
Destiny 2's Final Shape preview just dropped.

Jesus Fucking Christ. Bungie just knocked it out of the park. They are fundamentally changing the game.
Never have those words been said.
I have not, but I'm told it is good.
I think you're missing out. The team behind it is on point. Probably one of the best games out at the moment.

And, I mean, do you even care about democracy?
I've seen a lot of elaborate flight and driving simulator set-ups, but this is the first tank simulator I've seen like this.

The funny thing is, for as elaborate as they made this with loader and everything, they still seem to be playing on a 48" wall-mounted monitor. 😁
Now do call of duty and battlefield, complete with that gamer move of dodge gunfire dance of slides and jumping up and down. See how long it lasts.