I just read the book Lions of Kandahar and didn't see any threads about it up yet, hope this is the right section. Thought it was a great book, I am always inspired by the ferocity of our men on the ground. Anyone connected have any thoughts on this particular book?
Thanks for bringing up the "Lions Of Kandahar". I have not read it, but it has just been added to my read list.

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I am a half way through after picking it up the other day and I am eating up every word. Great book.
I bought it in anticipation of getting assigned someone who listed it on their SSS list (since so many did).
Gonna have to read it now and put it in the STRAPP list.
Had the chance to read it during a long night of duty, and it is honestly on the finest I've ever read, and I do read a lot. Would highly recommend it to anyone who loves military history and a true telling of brave men fighting as warriors.