Military Misconduct

“If it wasn’t done to me, I won’t do it to you.” That was my Motto when it came to corrective training when I was still on the line. And even then, I had some shit done to me as a private I would never put another grown ass man through.

Empathy is an underrated personal skill in SOF, IMO.

As an instructor, cadre, NCO, or officer, I've never yelled at anyone in uniform. Never demeaned them, never called them a name, empathy is a basic human trait. I don't know why the military does not encourage empathy. There's a time for a hammer, sure, and then there is a time to be not a hammer.
I've been hard on NSW for about "a minute" and taken a beating for my views, but I'm good with my stance. There are some amazing human beings, dedicated patriots and Americans in the Teams. I do not question their bravery for a second.

Their culture and their leadership

BUD/S is hard because it needs to be hard. Instructors, I base this solely on articles and my not-close-to-BUD/S experiences, need to be better trained. This is across the board in military, LEO, civilian education, the list goes on with varying degrees of severity. How does one defend an instructor allowing a trainee to cough up blood as acceptable?

The drugs? We've seen this before. Sadly, I doubt any of us are surprised.

Look, other branches and SOF units have problems. Rangers robbing banks, SF with a laundry list, but SEAL Teams? Look at the size of the force and the percentages, and some of the events. What is going on there? We can't argue that there are good men in those units, that is obvious. So where is their influence? How are they marginalized such that shit like this happens? Are they not speaking up or are they speaking up and leadership fails to act?

I "get" the community is under a microscope, but it brought that upon itself. Books, movies, video games, whatever, a mystique was created and they have to own that brand. Also, Dick Marcinko needs to eat of dicks. With some of the incidents that have occurred over the last two decades, why hasn't the community policed itself?

"Ban the SEAL Teams!" is a dumb take, but something has to happen and it has to be "bold." This can't happen in the shadows, it can't be "loss of confidence in his ability to command" statements, it has to be somewhat public and severe.

These are men who will not back down from a gunfight, but somehow and for some reason(s) back down from internal policing. Why?

The leadership and culture need to shift. BUD/S doesn't need an overhaul, leadership needs an overhaul. The community has earned the right to a better legacy, but not if this is the new normal. If this is the norm, this is the beating they deserve. SEALS can fix this, but will they?

Dick passed in September, won't be hearing from him again.
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