Post up Your pet pics, not Youtube

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Jan 19, 2010
Hey all,

I recently read that the killers of Marcus Luttrell's dog had been convicted to some prison time, & it made me think about how thankful I am for my dogs. When is searched, I saw some scattered pics of pets, but no dedicated thread, so I figured I'd start one where people can post pics of their dogs & such. Here are mine:

This is the my wife's dog, Ferdinand. We got him from a humane society. He was seized from a puppy mill where they inbred the dogs. He has splayed toes & some funky bone structure, but he is an amazing dog.

This is my German rott, Opha Mae (named after the first female Marine). She is the most gentle dog I have ever seen, & she played a huge role in helping my transition from the Marines to civilian life. She loves going on runs with me. I plan on getting her into carting, since she loves dragging my nieces and nephews everywhere anyways.
This is my Gavin. Adopted from Butler County Humane Society, Mother's Day 2007. Someone left him tied by his tail to a tree in the State Park. He was dehydrated, starving, covered in tics and as we found out later Lyme Disease positive from the tics. He only weighed 58 lbs when we brought him home(he was an adult not a puppy). He has recovered nicely from anorexia and weighs in at about 98 lbs now. He is afraid of cameras. Everytime I try to take his picture he runs away. So I have to sneak up on him to get a picture of him. He is the best dog ever(yeah I know..I know..) but really he is. He is keeping my feet warm for me right now as a matter of fact!
Butler Country eh? That's right in my area. Good on you for taking a rescue!

My weimeraners. The left is the girl, Elle. She's a rescue. The one in the middle is the oldest guy, Otto. In fact, he's sittin' with me as I type.
Had to put the one on the far right down recently for killing one of our baby alpacas. Few things harder than shooting a dog :(.

Otto and the other dogs.

Delilah, my favorite alpaca. She might as well be a dog. She likes to go for walks with me. :D
Awesome pics, all great looking dogs! That second pic of your dogs Boon looks like a reenactment one of the scene's from Ghostbuster's the movie, Gozar.......the gatekeeper with the eyes reflecting all that light.

Here is my little wife has raised her since a pup and I've only been blessed with her since we got together, but she's an awesome dog. She's 12 yrs old but still as playful as a pup. She loves for me to dribble her soccer ball around so she can play defense and steal it.

This is Pepper, the little Havanese puppy who wandered onto my girlfriend's grandparent's patio last year around the beginning of November. We put up fliers/sent out e-mails via homeowner's association to see if anyone claimed her. No one did. We decided to keep her, but while waiting for a reply we didn't get any immunizations just in case we got a response. In that 2 week time frame, Pepper developed parvovirus. She had been lethargic and had no appetite for a few days, so we took her to the vet and got the diagnosis. After leaving her at the vet for treatment I went home and cried my eyes out like a little baby at the thought of her not coming home...and we had only had her for 2 weeks. I never in my life imagined being so attached. In any event, she came home 5 days later with a clean bill of health just a few days before Thanksgiving. Needless to say, the holiday had a very special meaning last year. The doc told us that many dogs are not so lucky when it comes to parvo.
We've had her for just over a year and she is absolutely the love of our lives. It sucks that I'm not able to be at home with her, but makes the time together that much better.
Lindy, I love the rat terrier's ears! He is looking at the camera like "yeah, I got your car alarm right here". :thumbsup: