EOD HALO school?

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Jun 29, 2011
Hey guys, i know Navy EOD isn't SPEC WAR but I'm not sure where this should go. If this is the wrong section then I apologize.
So here's my question. As a Navy EOD tech i know you go to basic airborne school. But do you need to go to HALO school to get attached to a SEAL team or SF team? Any help is appreciated.
Technically, EOD/Diver/AIRR are considered SPECOPS, SWCC & SEAL are considered SPECWAR.
sdk-Unless someone says you absolutely must do MFF jumps to be and EOD tech & be attached to a SEAL or other SOF team AND you would say "I absolutely, 100% won't do that", I wouldn't worry about it too much.
A big problem I saw during boot camp and at our follow on training is guys looking way too far ahead. They never had a 5m target. They were too worried about what guns they get to shoot at CQT or how they were going to spend their bonus $$ or what sweet tattoo they wanted or what boats they wanted to drive.
Just my $.02...
Thank you for the correction JAB.

Alright, that helps a lot guys. A main thing i was wondering was whether or not EOD techs have a good chance of getting into the course. Of course from what i've heard they dont have much time to hang around stateside because they're deployment rate is ridiculously high. Of course thats just hearsay.
Apparently you didn't understand the first time it was mentioned, so I am going to put it in plainer words. You need to concentrate on getting through boot camp and all of your schools first. Stop spending time thinking about how cool you can be and start preparing for one of the toughest MOS's in the military. Also spend time learning how to capitalize the appropriate letters. Not trying to be a huge dick, but damn.
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