The self identity thread.

You wanna destroy an enemy, you go after their children. The shit we're seeing is Marxism 2.0 . At first it percolated in the upper tiers of education and then was projected down to grade school and below. The people pushing this garbage also have political top cover from the Democratic party. The same liberal fucks that fucked up Iraq and Afghanistan, pushed wokeness, and let freaks burn down our nation over some fucking crackhead.

I wonder how many American children have been damaged by these freaks and perverts. How many families have been irreparably damaged by these groomers and what the future cost of this bullshit will be.

One thing to add. The mainstream media and social media people that pushed this degeneracy all deserve the same loathing as the treasonous perverts mentioned above. Our nation has a lot of enemies and some of the most insidious are those who target the children of our nation.
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At least one governing body came to its senses.

The UCI adapts its rules on the participation of transgender athletes in international competitions

From now on, female transgender athletes who have transitioned after (male) puberty will be prohibited from participating in women's events on the UCI International Calendar – in all categories – in the various disciplines.

For international Masters events – races on the UCI Cycling for All International Calendar and UCI events (UCI Gran Fondo World Series, UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, UCI Gravel World Series, UCI Gravel World Championships and UCI Masters World Championships) –, the Men’s category will be renamed Men/Open, and any athlete who does not meet the conditions for participation in women's events will be admitted without restriction.
Fascism? Not "people are tired of your bullshit and want to be left alone?"

I love it. "If you don't agree with us then you are clearly a fascist, a bigot, and all of the other negative labels we can apply to your hateful selves."

Go fuck off. People are just tired of your shit. Therapy over a questionnaire? GTFO. Leave people alone and they'll leave you alone. It is simple math.
I couldn't resist. An LGBTQ++++ survey gets sent out to CS and engineering students at Oregon State University. The answers they get are nothing short of hilarious.

Researchers condemn rise of ‘fascist ideologues’ after students send mocking responses to LGBTQ survey

Half thought I was reading a Babylon Bee article. The "researchers" come off as that disconnected from reality, that I hoped it was satire.

Gender and sexuality are colonial European constructs? Right. The ancient Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, African, etc cultures never heard of gender or sexuality until colonial Europeans showed up.