I am that Man/Act of Valor/SOF replace actors

In the words of Andy Samberg- "I jizzed in my pants". This looks raw. Can't wait to see it.
Hope they don't make it into a crappy hollyweird type of movie just to give some actor/actres a chance to feel 'spoecial' because they are in a movie about the Troops.
Video teaser is available again now, for the Bandito Bros Navy SEAL movie 2010. (no longer title "I am that Man"
Teaser of the assault on the yacht, features SEALs (Bandito Platoon), SWCC, and 160th SOAR and some split-tails.

Wow just amazing, I love the helmet camera, and the DSLR filming technique that is exclusive to Hurlbut visuals.

First time I've been able to view the teaser, I'm pitching a tent right now, I can't wait!!!
Not that I really care about your opinion, which is obviously mounted up on that high horse of yours, but yes they do. One of the instructors who was there my second time had quit twice and made it on his third time and is one of the most respected guys in the community from what I've heard.

Not that you care since your already an SF badass and all.

Pity I missed this fucking clown when he posted this.

Fucking douchebag.
Paves are Air Force :p

brainfart!, so correction its a USN Seahawk not a MH-60M Blackhawk, I always get the helicopters of USAF Spec. Ops Wings confused with 160th SOAR. Thats why I post in the Naval Special Warfare section, and not Army, I don't follow the other branches with as must scrutiny
Repost for correctness, SEALs (Bandito Platoon), SWCC piloting NSWRHIBs and MKV SOCs, and HSC-84 HH-60 Seahawk VBSS Operations


Some new stuff on the movie from Shane Hurlbut. Video and Pics @ http://www.macvideo.tv/camera-technology/features/index.cfm?articleId=3225979&pagType=samechandate

Not only is the film a first for the Special Operations community, but will be a pioneering film for cinematography, using never before utilized technology. In the video, Shane talks about how the operations were all filmed in real time, and how the new Canon HDSLR will change the film industry.

SHANE HURLBUT, ASC is an accomplished cinematographer who graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor of Arts in Film. The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) nominated Hurlbut's first feature, The Rat Pack, directed by Rob Cohen, for Best Cinematography in the category of Motion Picture, Miniseries or Pilot Television. Hurlbut recently finished shooting the feature "Men of Valor," which details the covert operations of the US Navy SEALS. Directed by Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy for Bandito Brothers and Legendary Pictures, this highly anticipated film was shot primarily on the Canon 5D Mark II camera and will be the first HDSLR full-length feature released by a major studio.

Also multi-page article in "American Cimeatographer", lots of pics and info from the movie. Check it out. http://www.www.hurlbutvisuals.com/pdf/ShaneHurlbut_ASC_Mag_Jan2010.pdf